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Children who are faced with significant, life-altering losses need special support.  Grief and trauma counseling with children require special skills and knowledge.  CGEA's online course, Navigating Children's Grief, teaches communication skills and identifies the developmental needs of grieving children. 

Conservative estimates indicate that 6% of all children under the age of 18 have lost a parent to death.  Other estimates run up to 20%.  When you include sibling, friends and relatives, who die, countless children and teens must face grief.  Many children are also living without a parent for other reasons, such as incarceration and divorce.

Studies demonstrate that peer group support is most effective for the majority of grieving children.  By talking with others their own age, children and teens realize that they are not alone.  Children who have experienced primary or secondary trauma may need individual counseling to address the trauma.

CGEA offers the high-quality, low-cost Compass Support Group Curriculum to assist you in implementing groups in your school or organization. 

The loss of a loved one is a universal human experience. How thoughts and feelings about the loss are expressed vary by culture. We encourage you to adapt information in this site to what fits for your beliefs and customs.
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