Sports and other physical activities can be a great way to cope with grief.  Research has shown that mood can be elevated through physical activity. 

You may find that your concentration is off shortly after the death of someone you care about.  That's normal.  Be patient with yourself and keep playing! Be extra careful when involved in activities that can result in injury, such as snow or skateboarding, bicycling, and skiing. 

Grades and sports.....

Many schools require a specific level of academic performance in order to participate in sports.  Grades frequently drop after a significant loss. If you are at risk of being suspended from a team,  encourage your parents, teachers and coaches to have a look at this website.  Try to negotiate some additional time to get your grades back up.  Six to nine months is a reasonable amount of time.  In the meantime, accept help in working on your grades. 

Pressure to heal.....

Many teens have heard adults tell them to "move on" or "get over it" so that athletic and academic performance improve quickly.  When someone tells you that, keep in mind that he or she is trying to be helpful.  You know that those words can be very hurtful.  Those who have experienced a significant loss will agree with you that you do not "move on" and "get over it".  You learn to live with the loss and work on making sense of it in your life.  That takes a LOT of time and energy. 

Be patient and gentle with your emotions!


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